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Claudio Rodríguez, senior consultant of Downing Teal Chile speaks to El Mercurio about the most prestigious post graduate programs in mining worldwide and outlines that Chile is the fouth country in the world and leader in Latin America due to its large mining wealth (see attached complete article)  ...Read more

Attached: Articulo El Mercurio MineríaMBA - CR Sept 2014.pdf

May / 20 / 2013 CESCO Week
Cesco Week started in 1997 with the first CESCO dinner, organized by the Center for Copper and  Mining studies, which gathers the most important leaders of the world mining Industry, who discuss and analyze the most important topics, challenges and opportunities at the present time. This is also an opportunity to establish significant relationships  among them.  

In this way, Cesco Week gives the chance to cover a wide variety of topics related to the mining industry in a short period of time, and offers the most effective opportunity to meet with important people. The Cesco Week gives the necessary space to make  valuable contacts and the impulse for venture, business and negotiations. ...Read more